Free & Paid Tax Software


Tax preparation software by Intuit. Features Quicken integration, spreadsheets and state electronic filing. Free to use, pay only when your print or e-file. Turbo Tax starts at $14.95 including efile.

  • Easy question-and-answer format guides you with confidence.
  • Finish fast to get your refund as soon as possible.
  • Data is kept safe and secure with our data protection system.


Offers online tax return lodgements with an option for telephone appointments. Print your ATO approved return using Adobe Reader or efile for free.


eSmart Tax

Tax form based, online tax preparation software that computes taxes and submits tax returns electronically. Tax preparation is free, starts at $7.95 to file.

  • IRS tested & authorized.
  • Supports all common tax forms and schedules.
  • Supports all states.



IRS approved and guaranteed accurate. Includes all 50 states. Free to use, pay only when your print or e-file. Starts at $19.95.

  • Prepare federal and state income tax returns online.
  • E-file state returns with your federal tax return.
  • Get the tax forms that are right for you.
  • Secure access to prior year’s income tax returns.
  • 100% secure.



Offers online individual tax filing as well as TaxExact software designed for individual or corporate use. User friendly online tax preparation starting at $19.95.

  • State return included.
  • No hidded costs.
  • Easy to use.



Program provides individual tax preparation software that can be used online or downloaded. $9.95 to download and an additional $9.95 to file for a total of $19.90.

  • eFiling included.
  • State taxes included.
  • Choose from web based or download.


Complete Tax

Professional tax software and electronic filing for Form 1040. Prepares both your federal and resident state tax returns, starting at $25.95.

  • Interview based.
  • Checks for errors & omissions.
  • E-files your return directly to the IRS. You also have the option to print and mail your return.


H&R Block TaxCut

Versatile tax software designed to maximize your deductions. Starts at $9.95.

  • Interview based questions.
  • Imports from financial software.
  • Error checking.
  • Guidance for investors and self-employed.



Authorized IRS e-file provider. You only pay a filing fee after you complete your income taxes and are ready to either print or e-file.

  • Secure servers with SSL encryption.
  • State filing is available for some states.
  • 100% accuracy guarantee.


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